POPLIE dilemmas_Vol. 3

Again one more month I'm having my personal music dilemmas for the "On repeat" of POPLIE.

On the one hand there is this brilliant remix of Deadboy for Creep-Days. I've been hearing A LOT the last two weeks. I've played twice in a row in my ChicOnAir show and also at the party at Lefkas. How much more??? I LOVE IT!!! The youtube video is just presenting the tune... it actually sucks but just hear it.

On the other hand, there is Danay Suarez from Havana Cultura Band. I had seen another official video at Brownswood Recordings site from the live at Sete 2010, but sadly I don't find it anymore. I close my set at Lefkas with it at 06:30hrs, when some young people were sitting next to the fire (that was out that time), some other people were sleeping on the beach and the organizers were collecting the garbage. And there was me in my personal trip with "Danay" looking (actually feeling) at the landscape and hearing her magnificent voice and the brilliant music background. This was just one of the many times I've included this tune in my sets.

One more dilemma for POPLIE...