Soundtrac-es by Chico @ Random Access Radio_Petroleum-ism

Photo by Chico (instagram filters)

Petroleum-ism is the surrealistic approach of petroleum, exploring the contradictory condition of nightmare within a dream-state (with petroleum a main element of the dream) and the nightmar-ish real events or facts (being powered by petroleum). Mainly, is a "thematic" and "in progress" mixtape/project.

  1. British Petroleum advertisement (youtube extract)
  2. My grandmother's piano sinking into a petroleum tank (keys are visible)
  3. Fire drill (crew is incompetent)
  4. Asakawa Maki live in the Engine Room
  5. Shell (In s-hell I danced with the disco devil)
  6. Millions of pipes
  7. Price & Prejudice
  8. O-ill production in African continent
  9. BP (Black Pitty)
  10. BP (Black Panther in an oil barrel)
  11. Exxon Valdez birds
  12. What a Wasted World

Black Pity (cover to West Side Story theme song I feel pretty) performed by Chico

It's Black Pity!
Oh Black Pity!
It's black pity and black and gold!
And I pity all these people long are they gone!

I feel shitty!
Oh so shitty!
It's disgusting how shitty I feel!

And black pity that can hardly believe it's real
See little birds are black there!
Which pity birds can they be?

Such a pity race!
Such a pity mess!
Such in pity style!
Such pity we!

It's disgusting and provoking
all these people who're dying along!
For they've all gone by a big black mass of gold!

What a wasted world (full of oil residues) (cover to Louis Armstrong song "What a wonderful world") performed by Chico
I see no trees, no green, no roses too
We are all doomed, me and you
And I think to myself what a wasted world

All the skies are black and clouds like night
The bright cursed day, the darkest night
And I think to myself what a wasted world

The colours of the rainbow not appear in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by

I see friends killing friends, saying how dare you
They've really saying I kill you

I see babies dying, inside the sea
They'll never learn more, they'll never grow

And I think to myself what a wasted world
Yes, I think to myself what a wasted world


  • Petroleum-ism mixtape conceived and produced by Chico.
  • All tracks made with Dread-box Erebus Analog Synthesiser, Korg Volca Sampler, Roland VT-3, as well as the sound library of Ableton Live 9. Editing, Mixing and Mastering within Ableton Live 9.
  • "British Petroleum advertisement" has been extracted by youtube video.
  • For track 04 - "Asakawa Maki live in the Engine Room", was used the live performance of Asakawa Maki-Gasoline Arei. The sound of the engine room (of a general cargo ship) is original recording by Chico.
  • For track 05 - "Shell (in s-hell I danced with the disco devil)", sample used by Disco Devil - Lee "Scratch" Perry.
  • For track 07 - "Price & Prejudice, were used Nasa's free sound pack - "Golden Record: Greetings to the universe" and were read by Chico the worldwide market prices of oil (updated on the date of recording).
  • For track 08 - "O-ill Production in African continent", djembe recording by Manand.
  • Both covers (BP-Black Pitty & What a wasted world), lyrics have been written by Chico based of course on the original songs.