Worlwide Festival @ Sete, France (wondering when I'll manage to attend...)

Unforts I lost it this year too. The Festival that really attracts my attention every year. Variety of music, groups, djs, beautiful place-Sete, France...

I've been enjoying the videos taken by Lefto and hope that in the years to come I will be attending...

LeFtO Films: Worldwide Festival 2012 - DAY 6 from Lefto on Vimeo.

Huge UP!!!


  1. Κάποτε θα πάμε όλοι μαζί. Σίγουρα!
    Με γειά το skin!

  2. Hello Winton-man!!!

    Το ψήνω δυο χρόνια τώρα, αλλά ΚΡΙΣΗ ΚΑΤΑΡΑΜΕΝΗ!!
    Hopefully next year...



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